A most comprehensive range of Sensors from Germany

We at ASSTech Instrumentation have a long standing distribution relationship with some leading German manufacturers of a wide range of sensors.

wenglor Sensoric

wenglor Sensors in Tettnang, Germany, started primarily by specialising and developing a range of high quality and specialised photo-electronic range of sensors in the early 1980’s.  wenglor Sensors has since included a range of sensors that include inductive proximity sensors, a highly competitive and advanced range of laser sensors including some with high resolution analog measurement capabilities.  Other most innovative products include the vision Sensors, their InoxSens range for the food and beverage industries, and their safety light curtains.  wenglor Sensors has also developed a rnage of light curtains for  measurement. We at ASSTech have distributed wenglor Sensors in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa since our inception in 1996.

Rechner Sensors

Rechner Sensors specialise in the manufacture a range of capacitive sensors and level sensors probes.  Another large range of sensors for many industrial applications including the food and beverage industries too.  In addition some of the specialist ranges of sensors include those intended for high temperature application (to 250 degC), for use in hazardous application with ATEX certification, and a Namur range of inductive proximity sensors.   Rechner Sensors also manufactures a range of sensor power supplies and amplifiers, some also intended for hazardous areas with ATEX approvals.


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