Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

The JUMO Wtrans wireless solution works for mobile and stationary wireless temperature sensing applications. Our competitors claim to have wireless solutions, but their products work only for stationary measurement points or require wiring from the sensing point to the transmitter electronics.

The revolutionary JUMO Wtrans system includes an RF temperature probe assembly, for mobile or stationary measurement at movable and fixed locations, as well as a matching multifunction receiver. A transmitter has been built into the handle and protected with a waterproof housing. Transmission frequencies used are largely insensitive to external sources of interference and permit transmission even in tough industrial environments.

The Wtrans wireless technology makes temperature data transmission possible in completely new application areas!

  • JUMO Wtrans Receiver
  • JUMO Wtrans Transmitter RTD Temperature Probe
  • JUMO Wtrans B Programmable Head Transmitter
  • JUMO Dicon Touch Process and Program Controller
  • JUMO mTron T

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