Temperature Probes

JUMO Temperature Probes: RTD’s (PT100 / 1000) &  Thermocouples.

JUMO manufactures a complete range of RTD probes and thermocouples.  We at ASSTech carry a large selection of standard products from the never ending range that Jumo manufacture.  The JUMO PT100 and thermocouples are manufactured to DIN / EN standards to meet with the best requirements and highest quality.  The products we carry are made of the highest quality materials, with no compromise, no short-cut manufacture for the discerning customer/user.

In addition to the above-mentioned stock items we carry, we are willing to specify, quote and represent any Jumo temperature probes that you may require.   Jumo manufacture and assembles for most all industry: Pharmaceuticals, Food and beverage, packaging and CIP (cleaning in process / place), heating, furnaces, plastics, the motor industry amongst a few.

JUMO also has a range of temperature probe with HACCP and EHEDG, and intrinsically safe probes with ATEX approval.

We have a limited number of our stock items shown on this site at the moment. Kindly contact us about Jumo standard items & our stock items that may presently not appear on these pages.

Our stock page : RTD’s

Our stock page: Thermocouples


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