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PC200, MultiMeasure PRO Particle Counter

PC200, MultiMeasure PRO Particle Counter

MultiMeasure PRO

The PC200 is an ergo­nomic, hand-held measuring device with a built-in photo and video func­tion, which allows the user to monitor air par­ticles and gather environ­mental data.

A few practical benefits:

  • Particle counter with durable laser
  • Conforms with ISO 21501-4
  • 6 particle size channels, 0.3 to 10 μm
  • Size fractions and concentrations
  • Air temperature, humidity
  • Dew & wet-bulb temperature
  • Data logger for 5,000 points internal memory
  • Memory to 8 GB MicroSD card
  • Integrated photo and video
  • 2.8 inch colour LCD
  • Multiple parameters
  • Ergonomic single-handed operation
  • Tripod mount
  • PC data via USB interface
  • Methane, CO detection