ATEX Certified

ATEX Certified Products (ATmosphere EXplosibles)

What is ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) ? The European Regulatory Framework for Manufacture, Installation and Use of Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres.

The ATEX Use Directive is primarily about safety of workers employed in hazardous atmosphere installations, ATEX therefore divides equipment into categories according to how well the equipment is protected against becoming an active ignition source. In saying this ASSTech Process Electronics plus Instrumentation supplies a wide range of instrumentation that is ATEX certified, the range includes the following:

  • RECHNER Capacitive Sensors
  • JUMO RTD Probes and Thermocouples
  • JUMO Transmitters
  • JUMO Paperless Recorders
  • Wenglor Inductive Sensors
  • Wenglor Light Curtains

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