JUMO dTRANS T05 – Temperature Transmitter with USB Programming Interface

JUMO dTRANS T05 - Temperature Transmitter with  USB Programming Interface

The JUMO dTRANS T05 represents the next generation of 2-wire temperature transmitters that introduce a USB interface for programming. The devices are available as head transmitters, for installation in a DIN terminal head form B (JUMO dTRANS T05B), as well as for mounting rail installations (JUMO dTRANS T05T).

The USB interface allows technicians to use a PC or notebook for easy and convenient programming. This way, the transmitter can be programmed with the setup program and a mini USB cable without an additional auxiliary power connection or a special interface. The sensor wiring can be quickly checked with the integrated online display of process values in the setup program. The drag pointer function integrated in the transmitter provides information about the thermal limit states. This allows the setup program to query the minimum and maximum process temperatures that are important for plant optimization.

Both versions have a universal measurement input for all common RTD temperature probes or thermocouples. Resistance transmitters and voltage signals (0 to 1 V) can also be connected. When using a resistance transmitter or RTD temperature probe, it is possible to connect the sensor in a 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire circuit. The flexibility of the transmitter is underlined by customer-specific linearization with up to 40 pairs of values, or by the use of a 4th order polynomial.

The measurement input with 22-bit resolution guarantees a high measuring accuracy when conditioning the sensor signal. The electrically isolated current output (4 to 20 mA) with 1 µA resolution ensures excellent transmission behavior with high insulation strength.

The JUMO dTRANS T05T version for mounting rail installation has an alternative standard signal output of 0 to 10 V with a resolution of 500 µV. A green/red diagnostic LED quickly provides the on-site measuring and control professional with information about the measuring and operating status of the JUMO dTRANS T05B/T. A change in color to red shows the user that a probe break or a probe short circuit has occurred. These are also indicated by the standard signal output according to NAMUR recommendation 43.

At just 6.2 mm, the slimline type JUMO dTRANS T05T is guaranteed to save space when mounting and arranging several transmitters in the process-system control cabinet. When connecting the JUMO dTRANS T05T the control cabinet assembler has the choice between a device version with screw terminal or a spring cage connection.

The wide range of operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C ensures that the JUMO dTRANS T05B head transmitter can be used and operated trouble-free even in adverse environmental conditions. This allows the device to be used for a variety of tasks in the process and plant industry.

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