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ASSTech Instrumentation, has many years of hands-on experience

ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation cc was established by Anastas Schnippenkötter in 1996. Since ASSTech’s humble beginnings the company has grown into a well respected supplier of instrumentation and services to many major manufacturing and process plants. ASSTech is the official representative of several internationally renowned and well respected manufacturers for Southern Africa.  The range we represent, largely from Germany, makes up a well balanced cross-section of process control instrumentation and sensors for our customers.

Product and Services

ASSTech Instrumentation in strives to carry stock of product from all the companies that we represent.  We have a policy to strive to keep stock on all equipment that has reasonable commonly been installed in the Southern African region.  That includes naturally much of the process control and monitoring instrumentation such as the controller, a wide range of temperature probes, controllers and transmitters and over-temperature and safety switches. .  Also included is the range of pressure transmitters and the liquid analytical equipment.  The liquid analytical equipment includes a wide range of dosing controllers for pH and conductivity amongst others.  This will also of course include the range of transmitters, transducers, electrodes for pH and Redox/ ORP and conductivity, and the relevant fittings.

The wide range of sensors, of all type, inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, laser proximity and distance or displacement sensors, contrast /print mark and colour sensors all form part of a wide inventory carried at our premises.  We have a most efficient and cost effective delivery method and capability where we have several of the major courier companies making daily collections from our premises.  This naturally ensures that any ites can be delivered to most of the southern African region in a very short time and at most reasonable cost.

ASSTech Instrumentation will gladly advise and assist in specifying all equipment in an effort to ensure that the most suitable equipment is purchased by the customer.


Anastas Schnippenkötter (the Managing Director and Founder of ASSTech) has more than 30 years experience in the process control and instrumentation industry. Anastas completed his studies and hands-on training with the most prominent supplier of instrumentation in South Africa of the 1970′s and 1980′s. His experience in the employ of some of the most highly respected instrumentation suppliers, both internationally and in South Africa, include commissioning, design & manufacture of instrumentation, system design, project and executive management.  At ASSTech Instrumentation Anastas has installed a hands-on style of management and shares his experience and knowledge with his staff and customers to bring the best advice to the customers needs.

Our Application and Product Knowledge

Our staff, through experience and regular training (both local and international) have extensive knowledge of our range of products. Our technical staff have extensive hands on experience in a wide range of industrial applications.  All our staff will be happy to assist you with many applications that you may require.

Distributorships / Representations

ASSTech Instrumentation has distributorship agreements with several leading instrumentation and sensor manufacturing companies.  They are:

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