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JUMO STB/STW Safety temperature limiters, safety temperature monitors according to DIN EN 14597 (701150)

  • Configurable as safety temperature limiter (STB) or monitor (STW)
  • Approvals for DIN EN 14597, SIL, PL, (UL and GL pending)
  • 2 relay outputs programmable
  • Warning alarm can be configured
  • Digital input filter with configurable filter time constant
  • Internal and external reset available
  • Built-in redundancy with 1oo2D architecture
  • LC display with background lighting and plain text display
  • Setup program for configuration and archiving via USB interface
  • Wide supply from AC 110 – 240V +10% /-15% or AC/DC 20 – 30V


Monitoring and limiting of temperature, pressure and other process variables, for example:

  • Safety protection for burner control
  • Heating element monitoring
  • Protection of heat carrier oil systems
  • Protection for boiler applications
  • Level monitoring

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