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WENGLOR Safety Light Curtain, Type 4 Finger or Hand protection, Series SG4-14/30-Ixx

  • Increased safety operation
  • Completely integrated electronics
  • Fix blanking, floating blanking and reduced resolution, Cascading, Muting
  • Serial interface & set-up software available
  • various lengths available
  • meets with ISO & EN standards
  • 14mm (finger protection)
  • 30mm (hand protection) resolution


  • For Increased hazards
  • Safeguarding hazardous motion
  • Presses
  • Saws
  • Packaging machines
  • Palletizing equipment
  • Woodworking machines

The Safety Light Curtains generally integrate various operating modes (Reduced Resolution, Fix Blanking) and function modes (Safety Operating Mode, Restart Inhibit, Floating Blanking, Contactor Monitoring).

Price: ZAR 0.00