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JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt paperless recorder (706581)

  • Format 144 x 144 mm
  • 5.5" TFT color graphic display
  • Rotary knob, sensor button operation
  • 3 .. 18 universal measuring inputs
  • External extension by 24 channels via interface
  • Storage cycle 125ms for 18 analog inputs
  • Measured data storage on CompactFlash card / USB stick
  • Display of the measured values in various diagrams and process masks
  • Display of alarms and events
  • Batch logging of up to 3 batches simultaneously
  • Batch entry also possible via barcode scanner
  • Report function with minimum, maximum, average value recording
  • Ethernet, Profibus DP, Modbus Master/Slave interface
  • Integrated Web server with online visualization and Quadview
  • 2 changeable operating languages (unicode)
  • Maths and logic function with counter / integrators
  • Evaluation of the archived data by the PC evaluation program
  • Device configuration via keyboard or setup program
  • In stainless steel with Ex approval (Zone 1 on the front)


Paperless recording of analog and digital process data.

Price: ZAR 0.00