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JUMO AQUIS 500 pH – transmitter / controller for pH, ORP, NH3 (ammonia) concentration and temperature, 202560

  • Temperature compensation
  • Display mode: large digits, bargraph or trend display
  • Solder-free connection system
  • Calibration options according to measured value one- / two- / three-point calibration
  • Calibration logbook
  • Activatable impedance measurement
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical connection of pH sensors
  • Possibility to connect pH-ISFET sensors using¬† the power supply of the probe integrated in the output
  • Using the setup program:¬†user-friendly programming, plant documentation


  • Drinking water monitoring and treatment
  • Electro-plating
  • Process technology
  • Water/waste water technology
  • Drinking and well water, boiler supply water
  • Greenhouse technology
  • Fish-farming (fresh & seawater)

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