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WENGLOR WinTec Transit Time Sensor for Measurement, 3m no reflector; OY1P303P0189

  • ! Secure Detection of black objects also in extremely inclined positions with WinTec !
  • 3000 mm range
  • Analog Output (0...10 V/4...20 mA)
  • graphical display for easy operation
  • reliable in case of glossy objects with WinTec
  • Two mutually independent switching outputs
The wenglor interfere-free technology, WinTec, revolutionizes the sensor technology. Mounting of several sensors directly next to, or opposite each other without influencing them is now possible. Improved Job Safety for your Eyes thanks to Laser Class 1, which is safe for the human eye after EN 60825-1. These sensors with scratch-resistant optic cover also reach a very high switching frequency.

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